In this newsletter, we’re talking a lot about the smaller shows typical of fall, like fairs, festivals, street fairs, music shows and sporting events. I’m going to ask you to change your vantage point. I’d like you to get 30,000 feet above what these smaller shows look like and see them a little differently.

When people walk around at smaller shows, they’re focused on the fun. What they aren’t doing is looking for home improvement. The thing is, most of these people have houses, and they just might need something. The key is to get people to stop.

In the typically non-competitive environment of these smaller shows, you’re often the only home improvement company there. It’s an opportunity to capitalize on your edge.

Make it your goal to set 10 leads by giving people a fantastic deal. Then, come Monday morning, operate on the precedent of urgency. Get to those opportunities within 72 hours of meeting that customer. Set a same-day or nextday appointment and incentivize them for letting you come out by doubling a coupon or making an offer you’re running more enticing. Make it easy for them to buy.

The cost for most of these smaller shows averages $300. These are lowcost leads, but the potential is there for a high return. There is money to be made at smaller shows, you just have to reach for it.

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