Bob talks about the importance of trust as a business.

When people recognize your brand they trust you. It takes time, commitment and focus, but getting in front of consumers on a regular basis is crucial to establishing brand recognition and trust. 

What’s so important about trust? Here’s the order in which people make their buying decisions: 

1) They decide if they like and trust the salesperson. 

2) They determine whether they trust the company. 

3) They determine whether or not the product fits their needs. 

The reality is that people who buy from UWD are really buying you. Start by making sure you present yourself properly in public at all times and that you have your UWD gear on. 

Make sure that when you do a show you demonstrate a high level of excitement, and that you never talk bad about the competition—even if the competition is talking bad about you. For every second you spend bad-mouthing the competition you lose a second to talk about yourself and your product. Remember, you don’t have to be a $500 million a year company to look and act like one. 

Another simple way to keep yourself in front of your customer is to look for unusual show opportunities, like county fairs and art shows. A booth might cost a hundred bucks or so, but if you get just one lead that turns into a sale it will be worth it. Chris Dysert and Sydney had a booth and a jazz festival and only got five or six leads, but one turned into a great job lead so it does happen. 

If you have the budget, invest in pay-per-click advertising and SEO marketing (especially when you’re doing a show), and consider hiring Chris Jarvis to beef up your website.

If someone has heard of you they’ll trust you, and establishing that trust is all about getting in front of consumers. Let me know how I can help. 

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