Build your bench of leads with daytime canvassing.

You never know when your next million-dollar producer will come up to bat, and chances are good you’ll pull your next top salesperson from your canvassing team. 

I like to call this building your bench. It’s the hidden benefit to establishing a daytime canvassing program. 

Canvassers are your farm team, and many of these players will eventually move up to the big leagues. To continue to grow your sales team, you always have to keep building your bench. 

To form your team, start by setting up a booth at college career fairs to recruit young talent. You can also put ads on Indeed and Monster and ask friends and friends of friends for referrals. Whatever method you choose, you need time to choose the best of the best. 

And the time to establish your canvassing program is before your show leads run out. Everyone is happy right now, but you don’t want to get complacent. 

Establish a canvassing program during this transition time into spring to set yourself up with a steady lead flow for the next 12 months. 

The best part about loading your bench is it doesn’t have to cost you a dime—and I’m here to help. It doesn’t matter how big you are.

Your farm team will become the most effective lead-generation tool you have in your arsenal, and to get to that point you’ve got to load your bench. 

Once you see how canvassing works I know you’ll be a believer— but you have to be willing to play ball. 

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