Sean Dodge talks about joining the UWD family and his success.

by: Sean Dodge, UWD Manchester


In January of 2016, I had the goal of writing $60,000 in business. Instead, I wrote $140,000. 

Depending where you are in your relationship with UWD, that may or may not seem impressive. For me it was very exciting, because I just became a part of the UWD dealership network in September of 2015. 

A career change brought me face-to-face with the need to make a decision about where I wanted to go next. I’d worked with Universal Windows Direct as a vendor and was already familiar with the company. When I started looking for my new direction, I took a closer look at UWD. 

What I realized immediately was that everything was already in place to get me started right out of the gate. The sales tools, samples, website, brochures, exclusive products and selling system would have taken me years to develop on my own. 

Because UWD has everything at the ready, I knew my chances for success would be much greater—and that I could get where I wanted to be much quicker. 

My initial goal was to survive the winter. I did that and then some. The business I generated in December and January provided the capital I needed to expand my marketing efforts, which include Google Ad Words and beefing up my website with the help of Chris Jarvis. 

Right now I don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, and that hasn’t slowed me down a bit. I’m investing in my online presence so that when I’m in front of a potential customer I can have the strength of my website to back me up and establish trust. I’m also putting my customer referrals on the website so new customers can see them without asking—something that frees me up to continue to focus on growing my business. 

The best advice I can give is to follow the system and to pay attention to where your leads are coming from, then maximize your investment in that source. 

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