Bob goes over how the art of listening and how it can lead to success.

Summertime is the perfect time to sharpen your sales saw. By investing your time in training now, you’ll be ready to go when fall home and garden show season arrives. 

Now is also the perfect time to think about changing up your sales approach on the leads you’re getting. 

When you’re in front of a homeowner, sometimes you can run out of things to say. Try hanging out and listening, instead. The “thread technique” is a perfect way to test this idea out. 

Ask homeowners what they really want, what’s most important to them and what they are looking to gain. Then, just sit back and listen. Don’t supply the answers. Instead, write down what the customer tells you and then repeat back to them what they’ve said so they see the value of what you’re offering. Use their words throughout the presentation. 

By spending the time to find out what it is a homeowner really wants, versus giving them reasons to buy, you maximize your selling time. 

Validate that you’re offering a product that addresses their needs. Have them commit to that same idea. 

The thread technique is easy to do—and it’s effective. But it’s important to ask the questions the right way. Never put words into the customer’s mouth. Make sure they feel empowered, but keep the leverage and stay in control of the situation. 

Remember, we don’t want to sell. We want to create an atmosphere to buy. Let me know if I can help you to perfect this technique so that it works for you. 

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