Learn a little bit about how Joe came into the UWD family.

by: Joe Planecki, UWD Akron

I became a member of the UWD family purely by accident. In 2010, a friend owned a dealership and asked if I would like to sell for him. I went to the training and decided to become a partner, not a worker. I joined the business and eventually took over the entire location. 

My success in Akron happened by keeping things simple. It’s not complicated so don’t over-complicate your own initiatives. Remember to follow the guidelines you’ve been given, because the UWD selling system will make you more successful. 

But the other important things you need to know are when to take a risk, how to say “yes” or “no,” and how to handle money. Success in this industry is about more than just selling. Your life experience plays a big role. 

In Akron, we’re at a pace to exceed last year’s numbers. To do that, we’ll continue to focus on profitable, high-quality work. When your customers are happy, your reputation grows. 

Recognize the jobs that are the best for your business. Good customers are more likely to refer you to other good customers. Early on I recognized the value of high ratings on the Internet. 

The BBB and Angie’s List, Google…people go there first. Your rating is key. It’s free to ask your customer to give you a rating, and other people will read these before they ever call you. Your rating can be a determining factor as to whether or not you get into a home in the first place. With a good rating, by the time you get into a home the job is half sold. So pay attention to the online tools you have at your disposal, they can really pay off. 

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