Want to hit record high sales? Consider hiring a marketing manager. Learn more about marketing managers and how they can help here.

Right now, Toledo is hitting record high sales numbers with leads that are blowing the roof off. How? They hired a marketing manager. 

He’s the guy UWD’s Toledo dealership has put in place to go to shows, canvass, oversee the canvassing team and attend all events. He’s still in the trenches with the rest of the crew, but he’s generating more business. 

A marketing manager takes the pressure off of you. He visits colleges, scouts for and then hires canvassers. He oversees the shows and he heads up the telemarketing efforts so you don’t have to. You can focus on the sales and installation side of the business so your time is better spent. 

And it’s less expensive than you might think to get started. 

You can hire a marketing manager for a small base salary plus commission, so you don’t have to pay more than you would for a canvasser. You pay when the business is generated, which is a win-win for both you and your marketer. 

You can put ads on Monster, Zip Recruiter or start recruiting for your next marketing star on college campuses. If you need help finding a marketing manager, give Dealership Development a call and we’ll help. Once that person is hired, we’ll help to get him up and running. 

A marketing manager is a savvy investment that’s paying off for Toledo in the form of too many leads and not enough people to run them. Are you ready to grow? 

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