Reputation is everything. Here are some tips on how how to build your reputation online and in your community.

Reputation is everything. As a representative of the Universal Windows Direct brand, your reputation, both online and off, has the power to propel you—or bury you. Where once it took one unhappy customer to influence 10 people, today’s technology makes it possible for one unhappy customer to affect millions. And it’s not just your reputation that’s at stake; it’s every UWD dealer with an online presence, including the corporate office. 

So how can you be sure your reputation is sterling, and that good things outweigh any bad online? 

1) Handle any customer issues with kid gloves. Be nice and be willing to resolve any issues positively. If it costs you a couple hundred dollars to keep a customer happy, do it. It will pay off in referrals and good reviews later on—and your reputation will remain intact. 

2) Remember, the only positive review you didn’t get is the one you didn’t ask for. Ask your customers to post positive online reviews, which will bury any bad ones that might be lurking in cyber space. 

3) Respond to bad reviews in a positive way, and always try to respond. 

4) Maintain a Facebook page and make regular posts. Encourage your customers to post positive reviews of your business there as well. 

5) Remember to brand yourself as UWD of (Your City Name) in all advertising so people can find you. 

6) Email your customers or send a letter and ask for a positive review. You can also pay your installers for every review they collect at the completion of each job. Instructions on how to do this are in your dealer packet, but if you need help just email Chris Jarvis. 

7) Make sure your information is correct and current on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and the BBB.

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