With 2016 winding down, it's time to start thinking towards your 2017 goals.

Take the time now to get prepared and start setting your goals before the first of the year—and before you travel to San Juan. How exactly do you determine what your goals should be?

1) Get Clarity – When planning your goals, you need to get clarity. No cell phone, no kids, no TV—just you, a pen and paper. Write down all of the things you want to accomplish as if you had no limits. You want to do $3 million in business? Break down how you’ll get there step by step, and start with the end in mind.

2) Take Massive Action – Develop an action plan, a timeframe and a sense of urgency. Put dates and a target time for when you’ll get things done.

3) Visualize – Visualize your goal as if it’s already been accomplished. Close your eyes and imagine you’re there. How does it smell, feel and taste? Make achieving your goal as real as possible by engaging your senses.

4) Association, Purpose, Why – This is the strongest part. It’s the real reason you’re trying to achieve your goal. Is it to create security for your family? Is it pride of ownership? Do you want to provide for the people who work for you? What’s the real motivating factor behind your goal?

Most often, people abandon their goals because they lose interest and don’t have a strong enough reason supporting why they’re doing what they’re doing. If you have a higher purpose, you’ll get there.


It’s also important to share your goal with someone, something we’ll all be doing in San Juan. Have a plan and be prepared to share your goals so we can take care of business and have some fun, too.

Get Started Today!


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