Josh talks about the importance of a game plan for your booth.

What’s your plan for the up-coming spring home and garden shows?

90 Days Out

Know what shows you’re doing and have floor plans. Send the plans to me so I can make sure you have the best spot. Placement is key, so plan on going big. Plan for a bigger booth (20x20), a bigger prod-uct display, bigger goals and know the elevator pitch inside and out. Train ev-eryone working the show on the pitch. Make sure you have all of your sam-ple products, like bay windows, entry doors, sliding doors, gutter protection, etc. Make sure you have your UWD banner.

60 Days Out

Make sure you have enough people to man your booth. Recruit people

with high energy levels on Monster, Zip Recruiter and on college cam-puses. Get everyone up to speed on the pitch. Call me for training on how to properly work a show. Order your UWD bags, product literature and lo-goed shirts and make sure your display is clean.

Reserve a box truck and check the loading and unloading policy for each show. Know your set-up and tear down procedures.

30 Days Out

Have a solid action plan in place. Create a show work schedule and run through your set-up and tear down procedures again so there’s no chaos.

Every request for show support from corporate will be evaluated based on proper prep and booth size. We need you to do your part. Show training is in progress right now. You must par-ticipate to be considered for show sup-port.


As always, call if you need help.

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