It’s the end of the first quarter; let’s take a minute to huddle up.

In football, the purpose of the huddle is so the quarterback can give the rest of his teammates instructions and direction. In business, it’s a closely gathered group where seri­ous matters are often discussed.

Right now, I’d like to bring you into a verbal huddle with me; a goal-tending huddle, if you will.

A few months ago you set your goals for the year. Now, I’d like you to inspect what you expected to ac­complish.

See, it’s easy to set goals. It’s a little bit harder to see them through.

If one of your goals was growth, do you need to hire a marketing manager?

If your goal was to get more leads, did you put a canvassing team in place?

Have you checked your CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Im­provement) list lately? Is there an area in which you can make im­provement?

I’d like to suggest you reconnect with your goals. In fact, why not pull them out, dust them off and post them where you can see them every day?

I like to keep my goals in my phone as an event reminder that sends me a ping first thing in the morning. That way, they’re never out of mind.

Keeping your goals in front of you is a good way to keep your momen­tum going, and it might help to keep you responsive versus reactive.

Tony Robbins says, "Where your focus goes, your energy flows." Make sure you focus is squarely on your goals.


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