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For those of you within the Polaris Midwest and Southern shipping regions, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new-and-improved. Gone are the UniShield Classic and Plus windows as we have known them (Polaris’ Value Smart and Thermal Weld).

Polaris has eliminated the Value Smart entirely and replaced it with Dyna Weld. The bonus here is that you can still offer a budget-friendly window with better performance. The Thermal Weld has been replaced with the Thermal Weld Plus, and this window packs loads of enhanced features. In fact, we’re recommend­ing it as your go-to window of choice for sales of both UniShield Plus and UniShield Premium, as it comes in a triple-pane version.

Here are just some of the highlights surrounding the new Thermal Weld Plus:

• Beveled edge around glass for a more attractive appearance;

• Four different metal finishes for locks;

• A true sloped sill for water drain-off;

• A bottom sash lock;

• Updated heavy-duty screen like the Ultra Weld;

• Three wood grains on two colors, versus one on one;

• Paint available with 20 year war­ranty;

• Heavier, with 2.8 lbs. more vinyl;

• Five internal mini blind colors;

• Triple weatherstrip sash, upgraded from two.

But the best part about the new Thermal Weld Plus, at around just $5 more per window, is the price. We’re excited to tell you more about this new addition to our product offer­ings.

Join us during the webinar on Mon­day, July 24, at 10:30 a.m. Bob Vale from Polaris will be covering all of the details.

It’s key that you attend the webinar so you’ll be ready to sell. The official product launch date is Tuesday, August 1.

Following the webinar, a member of the Polaris sales team will be con­tacting every attendee to help with ordering and product knowledge.


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