18-25 year olds are the best recruits. Find out why!

Eighteen- to 25-year-olds are the best recruits for canvass­ing and shows. Why? They’ve never made money before and they don’t have bad habits from a previ­ous employer that need to be broken, or knowledge of another system that needs to be unlearned.

I typically get recruits from Indeed. com, but you can also find good tal­ent on local college campuses. Indeed is a huge numbers game. In order to have your ad stand out, you have to “sponsor” a section. I like to spend about $10 a day for the best position­ing so people will see my post—and they do.

I have six different templates for canvassers and show marketers that you can use on Indeed to find talent in your area. You can personalize the one you like best to your location. I’ll also offer you guidance so that you can get the best possible response.

If you’re going to use Indeed, however, you need to commit to the process. Plan on advertising your position(s) for at least a month. By then you should have a solid start to your team. There will be turnover. That’s to be expected.

Now that school is out, it’s time to start assembling your canvassing and show teams. The earlier you start, the more successful you’ll be. Two can­vassers can get you into 12-15 homes each week, which can translate into a lot of extra revenue in your pocket.


As always, call if you need help.

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