Find out the secret to a successful team.

Summer is a good time to reload on talent so you can be ready for the fall home and garden sea­son.

About a year ago, Toledo hired Adam Batt for marketing. Adam was promoted to sales manager in January and since that time he and his team have written over a million dollars in business. He’s only been in homes for about three months and has already established the new normal. In fact, Adam wrote $325,000 in business himself.

What’s the secret to his success? He executes the system. He’s been re­cruiting and training non-stop, and his guys attend UWD’s webinars between leads. Adam and his team are constantly looking for ways to get better.


What should you look for in your next superstar? A good attitude, a high level of confidence and someone with vision. Does the person you’re considering want to be part of an all-star team? Are they craving a chance? Look for someone who has that “spark.” That spark will light a fire that can net you a crazy level of success, just like Adam has done for Toledo. Invest in your people and your brand, and get ready to set your own new normal.

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