Here’s the scenario: A lead comes in from a neighborhood that you regard as undesirable. More times than not, you’ve decided the appointment isn’t worth your time before it’s even on the calendar.

The mistake with that kind of thinking is that before you’ve exchanged the first handshake with Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, your negativity is freely flowing.

Instead of showing up with a negative attitude, why not try showing up with a great attitude?

People buy people, not the products they sell. And never forget who the boss really is: the customer.

If your focus is to deliver remarkable service on an appointment, then your customers will feel like they’ve gotten a great experience and a great deal—and you’ll walk out with a new agreement signed. It’s a win-win.

Show people how we’re different, and that different translates into better. Be a problem solver, and then sit back and let them make the decision. You won’t be disappointed.

The sale is made the minute you’re handed the opportunity, because that’s when you’ll decide whether or not you’re going to sell it. Change the outcome just by changing your thinking.

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