Even though we’re in different climates and different marketplaces, summer show season is everywhere.

We like to say that if you have three people and a pig, you have an event. Keep that in mind when considering smaller shows. Here in Cleveland, we have already booked and are preparing to work 50 fairs and festivals by the end of summer.

Just because a show isn’t specifically geared toward home improvement doesn’t mean that it can’t be a successful lead source. What it really comes down to is cost vs. attendance and good old-fashioned hard work.

We work all types of shows: fish festivals, rib cook-offs, cultural festivals, all of the local food fairs. We participate in one-day events, too. For example, some of the local plazas, malls, farmers’ markets and outlet malls hold one-day events to promote different topics in the community. Work them all! Nine times out of 10, summer festivals cost less than home shows.

Email me and I will send you the “What to ask when booking a show or event” sheet to help you schedule summer festivals, as well as a guide to festival resources in your area. And, of course, our national marketing trainer Josh Walczuk is always available to help.

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