At UWD, we understand the importance of huddling up on a regular basis. That’s why we’re going to huddle up together on Monday, June 8, so that Chris and I can go over the UWD support system and explain how it can help you grow.

All human beings want to be patted on the back and told they are doing a terrific job. Validating someone’s existence is not only the right thing to do but it also feels good. Think of it this way, happy sales people sell more stuff.

So, I wanted to recognize some dealers who deserve a shout-out.

Doug Conner, UWD New Jersey

Doug lost a million-dollar salesperson and was in a huge hole coming out of winter. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and went to work. Doug, I’m so proud of you and your efforts. Keep the faith and remember that we are here for you when you need us.

J.J. Lambrecht, UWD Milwaukee

J.J. experienced a paradigm shift. He changed his mental diet, only allowing positive information in and keeping the garbage out. He started listening to sales great Brian Tracey and it’s changed his life. Great job JJ, I’m proud to know you.

Tommy and Teresa Demore, UWD Vegas

Tommy and Teresa opened a new office that is sweet. This investment in their future is exactly what we love to see. I consider Tommy a mentor and am honored to call him a friend. I’m excited about the future in Vegas.

Gary Barber, UWD Cincinnati

Gary not only committed to the selling system, but he has also held his people accountable for knowing it. This commitment to training has paid off big time. In March he had his best month ever. Great job, Gary, keep up the hard work.

Dale, Trey, Jason, and Brent, UWD Dallas

These guys are the models of persistence. They have stuck with the program and overcome adversity. Jason attended sales training and is committed to learning the window business. The result was that they had their best month ever in March. Tremendous job, gentleman, and keep up the hustle.

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