New to the Universal Windows Direct arsenal, Bolt Gutter Guard provides the opportunity for outrageous profit margins and an easy add-on to the sale.

Both the product name and design are exclusive to UWD. Samples should already be in your hands, so you’re ready to start realizing the built-in profit potential right now.

Bolt Gutter Guard is available in four different color options, along with stainless steel and copper. Because it’s offered in either the fasciamount or under-shingle mount options, it can work for virtually any application. Bolt is attached to existing gutters, can be heated, and is available with optional moss protection.

A 20-year product warranty and no-clog guarantee make it an easy choice for homeowners who are tired of cleaning their gutters two to four times a year.

Bob and I are working on a presentation book for Bolt, which should be out in the coming weeks.

Tip to sell: When you run a lead, pitch Bolt Gutter Protection. Just ask the homeowner how often he or she cleans the gutters and you’ve opened the door to an add-on sale. Plus, gutter protection can be rolled into the financing for the total job, so it costs just a few extra dollars a month.

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